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Analysis of context

Legal framework in France

Distinction between framework of competences and framework of certification

In 2014 : the French government implemented a new law on vocational training.

New certifications appear and aim at validating the acquisition of some of the key competences:

  • CléA : professional inter-sectors certification. Validation of 7 competences.

  • Voltaire : only to check and validate the spelling competency

The ANLCI Framework for « key competences in professional contexts » (2009) is a competences framework whereas CléA is an inter-sectors certification standard.

This certification standard refers to « the basic knowledge and competences that a person should get to enhance one’s professional integration and one’s possibilities to get into vocational training programs ».

It is a tool in favour of training, employment, professional evolution and competitiveness.

With Cléa, it is possible to:

  • Implement an accurate assessment for workers

  • Identify the training needs and programs

  • Identify the richness of personal and professional backgrounds