What are we doing ?

Raising awareness in the field of key competences at work

  • Identification of key competences at work, linked to the labour market
  • Realization of videos to analyse the activity in a professional and/or educational context
  • Production of tools kit, and methodology

Pedagogical practices, vademecum of "best practices"

Carte mentale

  • Methodology to develop innovative and efficient training programs
  • Digital skills to improve training programs
  • Methodological guides, storytelling methodology
  • Videos to analyse educational practices

Filming the activity and use of the videos

Supporting a learning community of practices and developing collaborative key competences

  • Moodle platform,
  • Collaborative tools to manage the activity
  • Distant learning, distant working

How to train and teach key competences ?

  • Trainer's book
  • Learner's book

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