Improving the support and training of trainers/teachers, staff and organizations involved in adult education in the field of key competences, including functional literacy and digital skills, in an active process of developing European cooperation. It will be supported by research works from HEI and by practitioners’ point of view.

The project activities of DILABS will provide specific outcomes.

Raising awareness:

  • Identification of illiteracy situations or lack of key competences, linked to the labour market, and/or social inclusion
  • Realization of videos to identify relevant basic skills at work
  • Production of tools kit, and methodological guides

Training of trainers of adults:

  • Methodology to develop innovative and efficient training programs
  • Digital skills to improve training programs
  • Methodological guides
  • Realization of videos to analyse educational practices
  • Student and teacher’s book on the topic of functional literacy
  • Training sessions and study visit in different european countries

Development and support of a learning community:

  • Implementation of collaborative system in an evolutive and portable approach
  • Improving collaborative work and skills of participants within the dilabs project
  • Training sessions on-line for adults trainers, and teachers involved in adult education

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    Picture of Sandrine Bonnet
    Learning activity at the university of Lille - 5th Nov 2018
    by Sandrine Bonnet - Monday, 29 October 2018, 10:10 AM

    The university of Lille, and its department of continuing education is organizing a learning activity on the topic of "raising awareness" in the field of basic skills at work.

    For further details, download the program.

    It will take place at the university of Lille, campus Cité Scientifique in Villeneuve d'ascq : 5-9 nov 2018.

    Picture of Borja V. Muñoz
    Welcome to the DILABS E-learning Platform !
    by Borja V. Muñoz - Monday, 11 September 2017, 12:50 AM

    This is the DILABS E-learning platform, still under construction but already on the way to serve the contents produced during the development of the DILABS project.

    DILABS aims to support trainers, teachers, staff and organisations involved in adult education in the field of key competences, ...

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