In this sub-category we will organise the content for the C1 reporting.

Then we will formalize the contents in the main courses.

This course is dedicated to the analysis of the pedagogical activity focused on conversation in English language (the group of 4 students and 1 lecturer).

This course is aim to learn about how to analyse an activity with a video ( teach, comercial; social; etc:) using a video as a pedagogical  tool.

The secondary aims are:

- Analyse  previous aspects before the activity

- Analyse during the activity which asopects do you have to consider

-  Self analysis and conclusions to report the activity.

This course is based on a video analysis methodology created in a framework of DILABS project. The context of the film was a German class.

The class was a language A2/B1 level and the main contents were Artificial Intelligence, to work lexical references through role playing, mind mapping and serious game (kahoot).

This course is specifically tailored for teachers who wish to learn how to use and create videos as a pedagogical tool in order to analyze their activities.