Topic outline

  • Introduction to key competentes at workplace

    This course is about key competences and soft skills required for the labour market : communication skills, building relations, professional skills, cultural awareness. In this course, you will have a description of activities for the trainer (trainer's book), and activities for the learners (learner's book) for each topic.

    Some activities are interactive, or digitalized, as an example of activities you can implement through digital tools on a learning managemen system.

  • Communication skills

    This module is organised in topics that presents strategies to trainers on how to develop communication skills followed by subtopics that presents how the learner can develop these skills.

    The content is divided into Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening and Digital tools.

    Books: 4
  • Building relations

    Relation-building can imply many factors and all of them are heavily depended on everyone’s good efforts and contribution. To guide learners to develop and be aware of their own skills in building relations is important to all at work.

    This module focus on these topics:

    • Communication style
    • Networking and teambuilding
    • Dealing with negative and difficult people and situations
    • Customer service

    Books: 3
  • Professional skills

    Soft skills are reckoned to be key skills or competences at all workplaces and premises for learning to learn through lifetime. In this module, we focus on personal soft skills related to work activities.

    The soft skills developed in the learner's and trainer's book are:

    • Teamwork and Cooperation
    • Management and Independence

    Books: 3
  • Cultural awareness

    Being culturally aware implies an ability to communicate effectively and appropriately in intercultural situations based on one’s intercultural knowledge, skills and attitudes.

    This section deals with:

    - non-native language, non-verbal language, tolerance and multiculturalism

    Books: 3Feedback: 1