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5. Digital tools

Digital tools require digital skills, and includes being able to use social media, smartphone, APPs, Internet and digital resources efficiently and responsibly, to solve practical tasks, find and process information, design digital products and communicate content. Every workplaces require ability to relate and use digital information. It is also required to have digital skills to be able to relate actively digital information and use this information in new settings and situations. 

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Self-assessment: Carry out self-assessment to target  learners about competences in use of digital tools. 

Aims for use of digital tools: 

  • read and interpret information from digital resources
  • read hypertexts 
  • navigate between different sources and do it critically
  • search and assess information from digital sources
  • use search tools and master search- strategies in subject related/professional tasks
  • produce and edit digital texts 
  • apply basic rules for protection of personal integrity on the Internet and social media
  • reflect ethically on Internet and social media as a communications and information channel.

Activity: Ask learners to write an email to a colleague about a work-related task/a message. Check the use of her/his mastering of keyboard. 


Activity: Ask learners to write a report of a working task, (report of a patient, customer etc). Check the writing style, use of spell-checker etc. What are the challenges?


Activity: Get learners to search information on Internet about a work-related issue: Notice processes of searching, use of sources, and critical attitude of information. What are the challenges? 


Activity: Ask learners to read a hypertext on internet, e.g. a text combining verbal use of language and different pictures, graphs and texts of different kind. Let learners find the main information and the purpose of different texts and hyperlinks.