Communication skills - learner

2. Reading

In workplaces reading competences are important for many reasons. You must be able to:

  • read screen and paper texts critically and in an independent manner
  • can ask questions and talk about the content of texts
  • seek information of different kinds
  • be acquainted with new routines or working tasks 
  • understand daily messages from colleagues and leader
  • understand the purpose of a text
  • understand complex sentences and difficult words and expressions 
  • use different reading strategies relevant to text types and purposes

Professional texts at workplaces are often packed with information. To read means to understand and decode the content. One way to check your own understanding is to transfer and communicate the content of the text to another person. (You can chose a text from workplace as an example.) Maybe this will concretize challenges of different kind. Can you describe in few sentences or words what challenges you have when reading a professional text. Some keywords can probably help you in your reflections (important information, words/vocabulary, sentences …. ). Try to reflect on what and why as concrete as possible.

You can work further with your reading competences here.