Analysis of context

Legal framework in France

What are the basic skills in the « ANLCI Framework »?

They are the required competences in professional life, to be able to:

  • Read a diagram, safety directives, work planning, timetables

  • Calculate quantities and prices

  • Communicate with customers and colleagues

  • Understand rapidely

  • Anticipate the development of a task

The « Anlci Framework » distinguishes 10 basic types of knowledge to be able to implement 7 specific tasks

4 Types of general knowledge

6 Types of technical skills and know-how

Oral : understand and communicate

Digital Skills

Writing : read and write

Technics (technology and vocabulary associated to the position)



Space and time

Cultural awareness (Foreign Language)

The rules (safety, quality, environment and Hygiene)

For each types of knowledge, there are 3 levels. They identify the level of mastering of the competences associated to the knowledge.

  • Level 1 = IMITATION = the worker uses only his/her auditory and visual memory
  • Level 2 = ADAPTATION = the worker, only if his/her professional context does not change, can apply what he/her has memorized.
  • Level 3 = TRANSFER = the worker is able to transfer what he/she has learnt in any context.