Analysis of context

Legal framework in Poland

The key competences training for adults, and the support of the European Union

Voivodeship Mazowsze in 2016 in the frame of regional operational programme financed by the European Union, announced the competition for projects referring to the development of key competences for adults. Within the framework of the project it was possible to get funds for training or other forms of raising competences of digital skills, literacy and foreign language. The process of training has to be proven by formal confirmation and certification of acquired skills. These forms are:

  • Training or other forms of raising the competence, ending with the external certificate confirming the acquisition of specific IT competences. As it was planned in the application for funding the project, referred to the guidelines of the Minister of Infrastructure and the Development in a scope of the monitoring of the implementation of operational program for the period of 2014-2020. 
  • Language training ending with the external certificate confirming that the project participants reached the specified level of proficiency (in accordance with the European system of reference for languages).

Projects will be implemented in 2017, and for one of the Voivedeship was given nearly 5 million Euros. This shows how strong is the pressure in Poland to develop the key competences for adults.