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Legal framework in Spain - IES Jacarandà

Adult Training Provision

Adult training provision in Spain includes basic education and literacy processes, integration into the labour market and leisure activities. The diagram below is a summary of the system.

  1. Adult training provision offered by the education, employment and local authorities

Type of provision


Responsible authorities

Provision to raise achievement in basic skills

Basic education for adults

Initial education


Secondary education for adults

Vocational secondary education for adults

Basic vocational training

Language education

To acquire the Basic User level (A1 and A2) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

In order to obtain a language certificate, they may sit the corresponding tests.

Provision to achieve a recognised qualification during adulthood

Post-compulsory education



Vocational training: intermediate and advanced vocational training cycles


To obtain a qualification: Lower Compulsory Secondary Education CertificateBachillerato certificateTechnician certificate, Advanced Technician certificate.

To obtain a language certificate without completing the corresponding course.

To have access to studies leading to the award of an official qualification: intermediate and advanced vocational training, advanced artistic education and university education.

Provision targeting the transition to the labour market


Supply training

Specific programmes aimed at people with special training needs, or experiencing difficulties entering the labour market or overcoming skill barriers.


Training actions with recruitment commitment.

Training actions primarily aimed at the unemployed.

Placements in companies.

Work-linked training

Training and learning contract (Dual vocational training: Training activity of this contract).

Public employment and training programmes:

  • Workshop-schools and trade training centres

  • Employment workshops

PREPARA Programme

Provision of liberal (popular) adult education1

Educational provision


Training provision

Training for employment provision

Cultural provision

Other types of publicly subsidised provision for adult learners2

Demand training

On-the-job training actions



Individual training plans

Supply training

Training programmes aimed primarily at employed workers

Training actions for public officials