Analysis of context

Legal framework in Norway

Our analysis of the context is based on the facts that many adults and immigrants without relevant education (key competences) are or will become unemployed in a continuous changing labour market. This indicate emphasis on:

Adult Learning:

To give adults better opportunities to strengthen their skills, increase their opportunities to participate in training and to recognize their skills. According to White paper from Norwegian Government (White Paper Meld. St. 16 (2015–2016), the aim is social inclusion and a second chance for adults learning, and that each individual shall have the skills that form the basis for a stable and lasting labour market attachment. To reach this goal the Norwegian Government will develop a coordinated and coherent policy for adults with low education, poor basic skills or skills without formal recognition. Many of the challenges in this field cut across sectoral lines. The White paper therefore is prepared jointly by the Ministry of Education and Research, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Justice and Public security. The White paper has three main priority areas that together are aimed at creating better access to education for adults and a better basis for cooperation between educational authorities, integrational authorities and labour market authorities.
It is also an aim to close the gap between youth and adult rights to upper secondary education. Those who will be entitled to upper secondary education as adults will receive this training before they reach the age of 25, even though their youth entitlement has expired.

A quicker transition to work for immigrants:

To achieve a seamless transition to working life for immigrants. A main goal is to recognize immigrants´ competences, which they already possess upon entry into the country. To strengthen their key competences, it is regarded by Norwegian Government to facilitate better incorporation of primary and secondary education in the introduction program for immigrants, including trials in which Norwegian language training and basic skills are combined with education at the primary level.