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Learning activity in Szczecin (Poland) 21-25 January 2019

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Learning activity in Szczecin (Poland) 21-25 January 2019
by Sandrine Bonnet - Monday, 10 December 2018, 2:28 PM

“Training of trainers and/or teachers” focusing on key competences

Aim of the training session: preparing the staff of the organizations to be able to use the tools and to disseminate, and to train them as trainers, teachers, mentors, pedagogical designers or facilitators, career guidance professionals, within a training center, a faculty of pedagogy, or within a company developing “working-based learning”.

Program and contents

Through the contents, and books developed on Moodle (linked the production of Intellectual Ouputs 6 and 7) by Oslomet, the group of participants is going to work on the pedagogical activities, in an interactive and collaborative way either in a face to face model, and learn to know how to transfer them in a digital modality in order to learn how to teach through the LMS (Moodle DILABS). The participant will bring some materials from their own context, from their country, from professional situation, in order to use them as pedagogical materials and organize activities to learn to know how to teach “Key competences” and/or to identify them, and/or to exchange best practices and co-build a multimedia activity on the Moodle platform in a collaborative way with the support of Collegium Balticum.

Draft version of the program... Up-coming details...